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On the political spectrum, Bosnia-Herzegovina has a very frail ethno-based constitution put in place to stop the bloodshed during the 1990s. Unfortunately, during its 25 years in existence, the constitution has been used to highlight and entrench differences between its peoples and prevent the country from prospering.

The country has made little progress in creating a business-friendly environment, fostering innovation and building infrastructure. Transport Infrastructure is severely underdeveloped and rectifying this will present an enormous economic opportunity for high-growth. Startup culture is limited, innovation is barely promoted and brain drain from the country is widespread. 

Our mission is to create a better Bosnia-Herzegovina which attracts foreign direct investment, develops its infrastructure fully, mitigates brain drain and thrives on innovation. Our expertise in bleeding-edge technology and experience in influencing policy puts us in a unique position to reinvent progress.




Facilitating successful inward investment and creating a thriving start-up culture requires a system that counters corruption and creates a conducive business environment. BiH still lacks an e-signature system and a digital public procurement framework, both required to create such a system.
KI will aim to accelerate the development of e-governance and e-administration, whereby the use of technology will counter corruption and streamline bureaucratic hurdles.
BiH has immense potential in large infrastructure projects and manufacturing, which have been untapped and lags in comparison to her neighbours. KI will aim to increase the attractiveness to foreign entities to invest through project financing and leverage the cost-effective manufacturing potential.



BiH’s political system is based on ethnocratic segregation, enabling it to foster a status quo that benefits party partisanship. This, in turn, enables a stagnant system where corruption is more than likely to be the rule than the exception. This highly dysfunctional system prevents not only a culture that rewards innovation and unity but also inward investment.

KI will tackle BiH’s key political issues by influencing the policy of external and internal players through innovative and cutting-edge use cases which will foster an ecosystem that prevents corruption and streamlines bureaucratic hurdles.

KI will engage with stakeholders to advance the key issues that prevent the country from advancing on a truly innovative world-stage by advising and promoting policies that support innovation.


Since the Dayton Framework was implemented, nationalistic rhetoric has continuously reinforced differences along ethnic lines. Increased segregation of communities and schools into ethnic groups drives increased divisions between communities. Human rights are still not universally enforced across BiH and this leads to imbalances of opportunity and security between different groups.
Creating a unifying identity is a cornerstone of any prosperous nation and is highly impeded by the current political construct of BiH and the influence exerted by external and local political players. KI will work to promote a unified identity and tackle disinformation which is used to sow division. KI will also lobby for the universal application of human rights across BiH.



While BiH has been thriving with online freelance work,

a support framework that stimulates a startup mentality and wider innovation has been lacking. Universities and businesses alike do not collaborate effectively to create an environment that stimulates innovation and startup culture. for example as evidenced by the lack of patents registered over the past years. 

Engaging high-potential citizens to be educated by the world's best universities and offering them an incentive to return to the country to mitigate brain drain is one of our key objectives. 

KI will aim to create a framework that stimulates this aspect of the economy, working with governments, universities, and startups by streamlining inward capital to the country through the latest technological advancements such as Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.



Aldin Ademović

Director of KI

Aldin has a background in law and technology, specialising in Financial Technology along with extensive experience in driving Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain initiatives. Aldin has a special interest in social-political advancement strategies. He is also the Director of a Blockchain and Analytics consultancy firm in the UK. 

Toby Illingworth

Director of KI

Toby has been a lobbyist and Executive Director of New City Initiative, a financial services think tank in London and Singapore for the last 7 years, as well as being involved in politics for a decade, focusing on foreign affairs, international trade and government finance & governance. Toby is also the Director of a trade consultancy practice.   


Col. Bob Stewart MP

British Member of Parliament

Dr. Marko Attila Hoare

Historian & Associate Prof. at SSST

The Rt. Hon Sir Michael Fallon

Former UK Defence Secretary

Dr. Zerina Mašetić

Asst Prof. Information Technology at Burch University

H.E. Vanja Filipović

BiH Ambassador to the UK

The Rt. Hon

Sir David Latham

Former Lord Justice of Appeal

Dr. Jasmin Mujanović

Political Scientist

Jovana Musić

Managing Director at HUB387

Alma Ahmić

CEO of Bamcard

Dr. Dino Kečo

Professor at Burch University

Byron Radcliffe

CEO of Equal Access International

Matea Markić Vučić

Managing Director at SPARK School

Aleksandar Mastilović 

Technology & Communications Expert

Tom Crema

Government Affairs & Investment Advisor

Dr. Dženeta Karabegović

Political Sociologist

Bruce Berton

Former Principal Deputy High Representative 

Mario Baroševčić

VC Fund Manager 

Vitor Py

Technology Advisor & Innovator



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