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Reinventing progress

A new kind of Think Tank specialising in political, economic, social and technological policies for Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in the Western Balkans in the heart of South-East Europe and at the cultural and geographic crossroads of East and West. BiH is a true multicultural, multilingual and diverse state with an authentic European cultural identity, rich history and geopolitical significance.

There is enormous potential for economic development in BiH, a country with a wealth of natural resources and a highly educated and technologically literate workforce.

The country was devastated during the 1990s Bosnian war and still requires substantial rebuilding and development. Political, economic and social reform is required to unlock the full economic potential, increase prosperity and provide long-term stability in BiH.


There are huge opportunities for investment in every sector which will in turn reduce the cost of doing business and accelerate economic growth.

The Kulin Initiative has brought together expertise from across the world to help unlock the exciting potential of BiH.

Our Vision


Our vision is for a unified, prosperous and modern Bosnia-Herzegovina which respects the rule of law, embraces global free markets and realises its full potential through innovation.


Our Mission 


KI will drive the transformation of Bosnia-Herzegovina by working with local and international communities to promote innovative programs that facilitate judicial reform, digitalisation, brain-drain mitigation, investment and trade, social cohesion and political engagement.




Investment & Trade 

BiH needs greater foreign direct investment to accelerate development and create a thriving economy. KI will identify key sectors with the highest growth potential and attract and facilitate international capital into the best private and public investment opportunities. We will lobby for reform and improvement of legal and regulatory frameworks to support investment and growth in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 


BiH has a great opportunity to increase exports and improve its trade balance. In order to fulfil this potential, KI will lobby to reduce internal and external barriers and for new and improved trade agreements with it's trading partners. 


Digital Transformation 
Many nations are burdened with having to build on and adapt legacy digital systems. BiH has had minimal system digitalisation so has a clean slate upon which to implement a bleeding-edge digital transformation platform. KI will advise on policies and implementation of this transformation, which will massively reduce bureaucracy and costs of doing business. 


Judicial Reform

Judicial reform is crucial to improving political stability and economic development. KI will lobby for reform of the judicial system and propose implementation of anti-corruption measures that have proven successful in comparable nations. KI will advise on improving the education and training of the judiciary and strengthening judicial independence.


​Political Engagement

BiH has complex and opaque political and constitutional systems. KI will increase parliamentary transparency at State, Entity and Local levels through supporting local investigative journalism and developing accessible, easy-to-use websites and apps that provide the public with data and information on elected representatives and government.


Political engagement is key to driving change in BiH. KI will engage the local and diaspora electorates’ participation in the political system. The Bosnian diaspora is a key untapped resource that can drive political reform. KI will use digital transformative technologies to reach the diaspora and streamline and increase voter registration.


Brain Drain Mitigation & Education 

BiH has the third-highest rate of skilled and professional emigration in the world.  KI will develop innovative programs and incentives to attract students and professionals educated and living abroad back to BiH. KI will develop and support programs that create jobs and opportunities to encourage the large talent pool to return home and contribute to BiH’s development and growth. 


Social Cohesion 

A unified national identity is a cornerstone of a prosperous nation. KI will develop programs that unite disparate communities across BiH. We will operate programs that identify and mitigate online and offline tactics and activities that sow division. We will lobby to reduce educational segregation and for the application of universal human rights laws across all levels of government and society.


Startup & Business Culture 

BiH has a large, thriving and expert freelance online industry and business process outsourcing companies working for many of the biggest global technology companies, proof that BiH can compete in the world's biggest markets.  

KI will develop programs to support and encourage a thriving startup culture. We will work with government, universities and companies to develop policies, strategies and programs that facilitate clustering, innovation hubs and access to capital. 

KI will work with domestic and international financial institutions to reduce barriers to investment and develop blockchain-based investment platforms that are innovative and compliant with regulation. 



Aldin has a background in law and technology, specialising in Financial Technology along with extensive experience in driving Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain initiatives. Aldin has a special interest in social-political advancement strategies. He is also the Director of a Blockchain and Analytics consultancy firm in the UK. 


Aldin Ademović

Director of KI

Aldin has a background in law and technology, specialising in Financial Technology along with extensive experience in driving Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain initiatives. Aldin has a special interest in social-political advancement strategies. He is also the Director of a Blockchain and Analytics consultancy firm in the UK. 

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Toby Illingworth

Director of KI

Toby has been a lobbyist and Executive Director of the Independent Investment Management Initiative (IIMI), a financial services think tank in London and Singapore for the last 8 years, as well as being involved in politics for a decade, focusing on foreign affairs, international trade and government finance & governance. Toby is also the Director of a trade consultancy practice.   


Bob Stewart.jpg

Col. Bob Stewart MP

British Member of Parliament


Dr. Marko Attila Hoare

Historian & Associate Prof. at SSST


Dr. Jasmin Mujanović

Political Scientist


Jovana Musić

Managing Director at HUB387


Aleksandar Mastilović 

Technology & Communications Expert


Tom Crema

Government Affairs & Investment Advisor


The Rt. Hon Sir Michael Fallon

Former UK Defence Secretary


Dr. Zerina Mašetić

Asst Prof. Information Technology at Burch University


Alma Ahmić

CEO of Bamcard


Bruce Berton

Former Principal Deputy High Representative 


Dr. Dženeta Karabegović

Political Sociologist


Dr. Dino Kečo

Professor at Burch University


H.E. Vanja Filipović

BiH Ambassador to the UK

David Latham.jpg

The Rt. Hon

Sir David Latham

Former UK Lord Justice of Appeal


Byron Radcliffe

CEO of Equal Access International


Matea Markić Vučić

Managing Director at SPARK School


Mario Baroševčić

VC Fund Manager 


Admir Čavalić

Economic Analyst



The Kulin Initiative

Maglajska 1

Sarajevo 71000

Bosnia & Herzegovina


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