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Our Projects

At Kulin Initiative, we are developing a series of projects to deliver on our vision of a more prosperous, united and transparent BiH. If you are interested in supporting a project listed below, please email us at

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Project Engage

At KI we want to offer the BiH citizens necessary tools to overcome hurdles in the registration process. We will develop an easy to use platform for voter registration that streamlines the registration process for the Diaspora. The platform will be multilingual and in the form of an app that has a high conversion rate.


We aim to achieve an increase in Diaspora political engagement and electoral process from multiple countries ahead of the 2022 BiH elections. Alongside this, we want to provide an easy to use reporting function for highlighting electoral fraud and irregularities.

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Project Clarity

There is no accessible and organised published record of how politicians vote in BiH.

KI will collect and organise the voting records of each politician in the three tiers of government: State, Entity and Canton and collate them into an easy-to-use public online database that will be operational within 6 months of funding and well in advance of the 2022 BiH General Elections.


We will partner with mySociety, founded in 2003, the leading UK designer of online voting record software. mySociety manages an online database of each MP’s voting records in the Houses of Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly. Our partnership provides a proven open-source, off-the-shelf package that KI will customise and deploy.

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